Sunday, February 25, 2018

Pijush Kanti Deb writes

The holes 

Hunger is universal 
and we should not follow a street dog
but it is followed under compulsion.
Thirst is compulsory 
and drains ought to be allowed 
to flow down unlicked
yet it is licked in madness. 
Flowers, birds and butterflies -
the winners of hearts, 
suffer from a defeat to money
in the race to the stony dreamland
proving the sign macro-senselessness.
The feeling of the poets
and the hymns of the hermits, 
though printed and pronounced 
yet the eyes are extra-dreamful
and the ears are ever-unmindful
out of a recognised ignorance. 
The celestial wisdom is kept parallel 
to the material knowledge,
no possibility to intersect to have a link
between heart and soul
yet we still 
dare to win over the celestial world
keeping own world unoccupied
and the holes on it unfilled. 

Image result for george bellows dogs paintings
 Hungry Dogs -- George Bellows

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