Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Parveen Sethi writes


A lazy strand of hair 

plays with the stinging tear 

at the corner of my eye

As the evening softly sets 

outside my window,

the light  reduces into a twilight 

I quietly wrap up the 

days and nights

made of us in togetherness 

But were you ever there 

I silently wonder at the same time?

A fragment of my imagination 

I then sigh 

But then was there ever anyone else

as larger than life?

Your fragrance still fills 

my nostrils up 

and every breath I take 

fills me up with you 

I slowly try to breathe you out

To  let go 

I feel choked and gasp for air 

and breathe you back in frantically 

Can love ever be any less than eternal,

I ponder 

It can be a folly 

but can it ever be a mistake?

You existed in moments 

and as I try to shun you,

you settle as an eternity

in my heart's throb 

In everything around 

you glisten like a dew drop  

And I quietly hold you 

at the tip of my finger 

to silently taste it

to soak into my senses,

A tempest that you were

An elixir that you couldn't be!
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Tears -- Rio Villegas

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