Saturday, February 17, 2018

Ristic Obren writes


Warriors, knights and many armies,
horses and mules loaded,
graceful flocks and beasts
on the holy way
Timacum Maius – Timacum Minus
as the bird migration trail.

We saddle a horse for the Great Mayor,
we put new festive clothes on it
for new hikes – despotic.
The spears and shields a forge makes
in Baranica in Eastern Serbia.

Who knows how many towers have fallen
until now. In front of the open city door
we stand proudly at the end of the century
in line for the Communion
or at a great festivity we leave.

The shepherds bow with gentleness
the flock does not move
amid the beauty and tranquility of the saints.
Here is where we should build a church!

Mayor, it’s time for a monastery!

--tr. Danijela Trajkovic

[Timacum Maius and Minus --Archeological sites in the village of Nisevac, near Svrljig, East Serbia, and in Ravna, East Serbia.]


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  1. Timacum Minus, dating from the 1st century, was the oldest military fort in the Timočka Krajina ("Timok frontier") area in east-central Serbia. The town of Knjaževac (Nisevac) is nearby.


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