Saturday, February 17, 2018

Pramila Khadun writes


I have always been fascinated by white,
White like milk, mounds of snow,
Soft wool, clouds in all forms and shapes,
The snapdragons, chrysanthemums and roses.
White is the color of innocence,
With no brows furrowed, smiling in glee,
Always ushering in a new world order
Of love and peace.

Red, the illuminating moments it gives us,
Always ready to prowl like a tigress
With the passion of heat,
Putting aside the pains of brokenness,
Making the unblinking moon blush
And turn red suddenly, mesmerizing
Lovers till death do them apart.

The sky is blue, the rumbling sea is blue,
Blue are the colors of joy.
So many costumes are blue,
Men love blue and once in a blue moon,
Our emotions turn blue when
We navigate in the sky of love
Like a shimmering comet tail.

Untranslatable are the powers of pink,
To calm down our turbulent feelings
When lost in the mysterious desert of life.
Pink, be they flowers or clothes or paintings,
Instill new life in our veins,
Joy filling our contemplative eyes
With freshened elan and energy.
So kind, so humane, so divine,
So soft to touch, like breasts of women,
Pink, you are the queen of colors.

When colors meet, they flow into each other,
Creating wonders like a complacent smile.
Be they crimson, yellow, maroon or burgundy,
They work rich in nuance, pretty colors,
Like the evocative imagery of poetry.
In innumerable guises, they portray
The beauty of nature, the creations of God
And man's power of blending and copying
To create the rainbow effect.
Queen of the Flowers #shaeleviston  #thebutterflycollector #painting #acrylic #fairy #fairies #faerie #pink #queen #crown #petals #flowers #garden #spring Queen of the Flowers -- Shaele Viston

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