Saturday, December 30, 2017

Steve Koons paints



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  1. Kokopelmmana is the consort of Kokopelli the Hopi fertility god. He is a humpbacked, flute playing trickster who presides over agriculture and childbirth -- he carries unborn children on his back and distributes them among women. As a young man he was smitten by a vain young girl. Noticing that she routinely did her ablutions after lunch at a particular spot on the mesa, he dug a trench from his house to that place, hollowed out a number of reeds and fashioned them into a continuous pipe, put it in the ditch, and covered it up. The next day he inserted his long penis into the pipe and directed into the girl's vagina while she squatted. The two repeated the procedure every day, causing her to become pregnant. In the spring it was announced that the girl and an unknown lover had a son and that a race would be held to decide its paternity. All the men were to pick a bunch of flowers and run to her while she was nursing, and the baby would grasp his father's bouquet. The young men were all much faster than he was, and Kokopelli was the last to arrive, but his son chose his flowers. The jealous Kwitavi (Feces Kiva) plotted to kill him, but Spider Woman advised him to accept the kiva chief's invitation to spin yarn in his kiva from dusk until midnight; when the men then gathered to rest and eat, the chief extinguished the fire, and the men withdrew their concealed clubs. But, acting on Spider Woman's advice, Kokopelli chewed up his medicine and spurted it everywhere, causing the plotters to become humpbacked like himself; he jumped up to the ceiling and hung onto the rafters, and as the men clubbed the ones with humps, thinking they were Kokopelli, they killed or injured each other. Because they were two-hearted witches they soon recovered their natural shapes and recovered from their wounds, but due to their wickedness they all died within a few days.


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