Thursday, December 21, 2017


VI. Swastikas? Where? Which Ones?

I hide here in my private cellar

ich bin der hellenkeller

Banners flapping in the wind: my ears at half-mast,

ever banned from hearing the world’s sighs,

they do make handy pegs though in this square boxed earth

to perch my lead spectacles upon

to keep all the winds from off my eyes,

to keep out all the brightest lights,

to keep my fingers finally free,

two fingers clutching my testicles,

two fingers pinching my penis closed,

right thumb a-plugging my anus,

left hand chain-linked across mouth, across nose

to keep the breath of wind inside,

to keep from any reaching out

of hands or breath or sound or mind

into this our spectacle of hope or rage.

--Duane Vorhees

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