Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Rik George writes

December Night

The dogs and cat sleep soundly tonight. 

They sleep through the sounds that come and go. 
Above the white-faced moon is bright 
And cold.  The drifting stars are pale 
In the moon’s scattered silver glow. 
The icy breeze’s breath is chill 
Exhalation across the town 
Sleeping beneath the winter sky. 
One dog stirs and groans, then sleeps 
Unstirred by coyotes courting the moon. 
I pull the blankets up to my eyes 
One dog growls a dream response 
The other stirs as the moonlight creeps 
Across the welkin where stars dance.
 Image result for marc franz dog fox cat
 Hund, Fuchs und Katze (Dog, Fox and Cat) -- Franz Marc

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