Sunday, December 31, 2017

Rik George writes

Lover and Moon

My love is sleeping, 

dark hair spread 
like weeping willow 
over the pillow. 
He does not see 
the promenade 
of the old maid moon 
on our window sill. 
Soon the moon 
will tickle his eyes 
and he will wake 
to play with me
Related image 
Endymion -- George Frederick Watts

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  1. Endymion was a handsome youth whom Gaius Plinius Secundus asserted was the 1st person to observe the moon’s movements. He may have been an Aeolian shepherd or the king of Elis. Perhaps he was the personification of sunset. In any event he was a mortal son of Zeus, and Selene the Titan moon goddess fell in love with him. She asked Zeus to grant him eternal youth. Or perhaps she loved the way he looked when he slept and asked Zeus to remain that way forever. In either case, Zeus granted her wish by putting him into an eternal, ageless sleep. And thus Selene visited him every night while he slept and bore him 50 daughters.


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