Sunday, December 17, 2017

Arlene Corwin writes

Albert Cat’s Fifth Birthday

When the stunning long-day Swedish light
Is such and such
And I don’t want to leave the porch,
Don’t feel much like writing.
I abduct myself,
Grab A4 paper off the shelf
To write some trite-ish anything,
This very Friday being
Albert Cat's fifth birthday
Which we try not to forget each May
With couplets
Or a varied version of
To not forget
                         how old he is,
And partly to pronounce our love.
(a kitty-kitschy way to dote, one must admit).
Red-furred, a coat of note,
Unusually pretty, [he is]
Witty in a  cat-ish way,
(Which takes some reading into)
For although he doesn’t care a bit,
We celebrate, devoting every fifth of May to
Albert’s felin-inity in birthday card format.
Happy Birthday little Albert! 
 Image result for red cat birthday paintings
 Cat No. 9 -- Corinna Rothwell

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  1. Even though it is I who wrote the poem, it is so much better when seen on Duane's Poe Tree. It is made all the more brilliant as a leaf on his tree with such a choice of illustration!


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