Monday, December 18, 2017

Rik George writes

December Sonnet

The day is bright and cold.  The noontime sun 

Spreads light across the sky—a frozen ball 
In a sapphire bowl polished with an icy stone 
Illuminating winter’s welkin-hall. 
No birds, mosquitos or dragonflies are here 
To brave the cold. No insects copulate 
Among the weeds brittle, dead, and sere.
Their kinds have chosen to hibernate. 
The winter flowers petition God for rains 
To keep them blooming ‘til the spring comes round. 
The world rolls on despite the grief that chains 
Me to sorrow and death that has no end. 
The brilliant sun spreads daylight but no heat
The icy day reflects my chill regret.

Winter Landscape -- Paul Gauguin

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