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Heather Jephcott writes

The Fire Of Love, Producing Purity
I was asked to go
everywhere, anywhere
to find "pure".

In my searching
I was given the goal of truth
not some airy fairy imaginative quality
flying away soon after arriving
but a lasting substance
enduring through the test of time,
the waves of troubles pounding
the glare of poisonous lust,
the busy rushing onslaught of life.

"Pure" was difficult to find.
Everything man touched
had difficulty fitting
this true description.

But I knew that what I desired to discover
was beautiful
a heavenly quality, a substance
full of glorious light, love and life.

Before me were clear directions.
If it was not found to be made by man
it must come from the one and only
the creator of all
of everything that exists.
If "pure" truly existed
He must be the giver.
So I came close to God
who is always near.

Firstly He gave me some words
and the instructions to eat
to digest.
These words eaten, digested 
enabled me to begin
on this life journey.
He told me to keep on eating
every time I grew hungry.

The journey He took me on
followed various paths
the first one was up a mountain path
I had to be pulled up,
I was not strong enough myself.

There was light on the mountain,
bright, red, searing light
and the closer I came the more I saw
flames, hot, red ones.
I was seeing the refiner's fire.

Part of me wanted to roll down the hill
away from the brightness, the heat.
Fear was trying to strangle my heart.
But quickly I was picked up
and carried
in the arms of love
up the mountain and through the flames
and coming out
a beautiful gold.

Love enabled me to understand
that wherever he was,
I need not fear
no matter how ghastly what was before
I saw that his way,
even through the flames and fire
was better than any other.

I began to understand
that "purity" was a process
and that he would take me
on various pathways to get there
none would necessarily be easy.
I would wiggle a lot
in the refining process,
even though I was surrounded
by kindness, grace
and he was always
right there with me.

From the mountain top I was put down
but still holding my hand
he led down into the valley
where I was told to rest in the green shade
right beside a flowing stream.
I was given fresh, pure, water
flowing out from the great I AM.
This was divine water
and all that it touched
it purified.

I was also discovering
that this process of refining,
becoming truly pure,
was happening repeatedly.
My heart, my thoughts
needed this pure divine water
and the sweet smelly heavenly soap
but the result
each time
was a shining
with beauty almost indescribable.
I found a zeal for goodness
revealed in meekness.

I also witnessed that eyes,
my eyes,
needed purifying.
What I saw, how I saw
enabled or disenabled
the purifying process.

The door to purity was open
wide and called to me quietly,
gently, strongly
to open all the doors
of every room of my heart
to allow the purifying stream
of God's grace to sweep
the floor, clean the windows
rearrange and tidy each room
with His love, forgiveness,
healing and forming.

Only God could take me on this journey
but it was I
who allowed myself to be taken
to be purified with his fire, his divine water,
his purifying agents.

 File:Pietro da cortona, Trionfo della Divina Provvidenza, 1632-39, Pace in trono, fucina di vulcano e tempio di giano 01.JPG

Trionfo della Divina Provvidenza (Triumph of the Divine Providence) -- Pietro da Cortona

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  1. In an interesting reversal Heather has "fresh, pure, water
    flowing out from the great I AM," while in "Exodus" (3:14) Adonai (God) speaks to Moses from a burning bush, saying "ehyeh ašer ehyeh," meaning "he who is he" or "I am that I am." (This is the derivative of Yahweh [Jehovah] as the name of God.)


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