Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Heath Brougher writes

Living Biomass 

Pine needles brush up against;
we seek the wisdom
of the knowing inner-cell;
inner-gene; oldfangled pine forest
leaves us unseen by modern technology;
certain codes still unbroken;—nature hides more than we will
ever know; we are
but a brief species;
too pesky and manipulative
for the Earth to tolerate;—
soon the Earth will gobble us up;
wash us away;—
endless saltine showers;
underwater lungs,
so craving the goodness of air,
will finally give in and bloat out; fill
with water, permanently drown;—the Earth
will shake us off as we simultaneously
poison ourselves; likely long before
discovering that great eternal Truth
hidden there within the gene; the cell; the history
of the beautiful Universal knowing glimmer
before our eyes after seeing inside that cell;—the plethora
of the information of the Universe; we'll not know this
as we sit for our last supper eating
radiated squirrels at a charred picnic table
among the fallout.
 Image result for markus vesper ecological apocalypse paintings
 Collapse of Industrial Civilization -- Markus Vesper

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  1. An intergalactic star who I am proud to call a friend and mentor!


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