Thursday, December 21, 2017

Anahit Arustamyan writes


The snow melted on my shoulder. It escaped to reveal my tumor. I would sail around my thin humor. I will have to starve if a coming day is a bitter cucumber. I will learn something as life is a tutor. I will capture nothing as I'm a viewer. I wonder if life's mirage is a lump of sugar. Any tumor arrives sooner than a dream's road becomes smoother. Who can make this belt looser? Life's mirage is a scooter. Oh, it disappears without any hooter. My dreams are gold bracelets so I'm a jeweler. Would my dreams melt to reveal my tumor? Life's mirage isn't a bit cooler than the eyes belonging to any viewer. Many years may pass peeling a junior. Life is a mirage riding a scooter.
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Riding High In The Skies (Scooter Girl) --Li Li Tan

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