Thursday, December 21, 2017

Sarala Balachandran writes

If time stood still .....

If time stood still 
I would keep my heart sealed
With a no entry board
I will not let
Anyone barge
Into my life
I will not entertain
Insincere friends
Wearing a mask of gold
For I care not for gold n silver
Only a sincere friendship
From the bottom of their hearts!
If time stood still
I will keep the memory
Of my near n dear ones
In my divine heart sublime
Who stood by me
Through thick n thin!
If time stood still
I would bring back
The old clock home
And never let the handle move
If time stood still
I would go back
Forty years with ease
And play in the pouring rain
And swim in the nearby pond
With weeds n frogs n fish!
Oh that clock hands are moving again
And I am nearing my eternal home!
Tempus fugit 
Tempus fugit --Víctor de la Fuente

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