Monday, December 25, 2017

Arlene Corwin writes

Today’s Heavenly Tips

I got some tips inside my brain -
Because I asked.
Some phrases to help train
The psyche and the intellect.
I quite expect
                          they’ll work.
(One often jerks awake
A foggy namesake of oneself.)

One was more names for God.
Okay, that name is good
But possibly a bit abstract,
Hard to extract a real day’s focus.

Tips that had real adjectives and nouns
To help expound;
Expand the culling out
                                        from useless to the useful.
All aimed at the Whole, of course,
This one gently forces a refashioning
From abstract to concrete. A cushioning
That makes the effort clearer.
(not easier or nearer, only clearer.)

Cosmic Consciousness; Eternal One;
Some sort of ray; call it a Universal Sun.
These tips may not call out to you,
But I was well-disposed.
Though they seem odd,
Each tip meant God but more transparent:
Truth apparent.

So long, my friend.
I think I’ll end this,
Start the next twelve hours,
Use these tips to work their powers
It being Christmas Day.
 Image result for name of god paintings
 Theos Agape Estin - (God is Charity / God is Love / Name of God) -- Rex Clawson

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