Monday, August 17, 2015

Timothy Spearman writes

                                           CLEOPATRA'S NEEDLE

                                                   and thread
                                                 has been used
                                               to weave the web
                                              of Illuminati control.
                                           It may not be that easy
                                           for a rich man to  enter
                                           the  kingdom of heaven
                                           but  they're not worried
                                           They  weave their webs
                                           and extend  their  Net &
                                           Worldwide Web globally,
                                           extending their influence
                                           peddling around the map
                                           from the poppy  fields of
                                           Afghanistan  and  Burma
                                           to those  killing fields  of
                                           Cambodia  and Rwanda.
                                           Cleopatra   threads   her
                                           needle,   while   children
                                           in  the  poorer  countries
                                           try  to  darn  their  socks.
                                           As  for   the  camels  that
                                           may  have  some  trouble
                                           passing  through  the eye
                                           of the needle, no worries;
                                           the  rich man has no wish
                                           to  go to  heaven,  with  a
                                           palace staked out  in  hell.

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  1. Three Cleopatra's Needles exist, though they they existed for two millennia before the the time of Cleopatra VII. Originally twin obelisks from the reign of Ramesses II were erected at Luxor, but one of them was moved to the Place de la Concorde in Paris and renamed L'aiguille de Cléopâtre. Two others from the time of Thutmose II were transported from On (Heliopolis) to Alexandria and placed in the temple built by Cleopatra in honor of her famous lovers Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Subsequently, one was moved to the Victoria Embankment in London and the other to Central Park in New York, directly behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    Especially the two in London and New York have become the subjects of widespread speculation. On was the Beth-Shemish of the Hebrews, birthplace of Joseph's two sons Manasseh and Ephraim.. Their grandfather Jacob (Israel) blessed them as he was dying, proclaiming that would become "a nation" and "a company of nations" and have become identified with the US and the UK + the Commonwealth. The beginning of Assyria's subjugation of the tribe of Manasseh began in 745 BCE; the chastisement was prophesied to last 2,520 years, ending in 1775-1776 CE (the signing of the American Declaration of Independence), while Ephraim was exiled to Assyria in 720 BCE, and the prohetic extension of that date results in 1801, the year that the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, and Ireland was proclaimed. Linguistic legerdemain, as well as a number of Biblical references, various heraldic devices, and historical circumstances have been adduced to strengthen these claims, including one widespread belief that the British royal family is descended from David.(allegedly 18 generations from David to Zedekiah, whose daughter married Heremon, the first Milesian co-ruler of Ireland, followed by 11 generations to Angus the Prolific of Tara, the ancestor of the Irish and Scotch kings, followed 34 generations later by Kenneth MacAlpin the first king of the Scots, who in turn generated the lines that eventually led to Stuart, Bruce, Plantagenet, and Guelph dynasties....). The Needles from On, then, have come to assume great symbolic importance for those who accept these associations.


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