Monday, August 31, 2015

Adesola Oladoja writes

The Little Bird

Your song,
Your glee
Where has it gone?

The you of yesteryears
Oozed giant drops
Tapped joyful tears
From our rivulets

But then you left our nest and garden
You've been gone for just a season
Was it the terrain that chided you
Or innocuous smiles of us?
Was it the climes, maybe the times?
For now we see you no more

Yes, you returned
But not the you
We parted with
For your song now sags our ears
Melancholy trails it
Hostility smells within your mile
It's lucid to the blind

O little bird
I love you so
But change your change with haste
For we still listen to your songs
Though it hurts our ears

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