Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Satya Pattnaik writes


Let not the door be closed

Says with all delight

The hours of God

He is in a different mood

Also says

Keep your windows open

Ruins have started now

Paying attention to the moods of GOD

Listening to the story of green untold

Fishes of gold and silver

Have just broken the aquarium

To embrace the master

For counting new hours of aquatic happiness

After years of cage and tears

Hunger, death and fears

Million dollar desires

Walking away slowly

Like a ghost losing equilibrium

Dead leaves now with green hopes

Staring impassively at the demon

Changing their ridiculous look

Sparkling with excitement

To read real life books

Birds jumping freely on to the branches

Dating with greens, keeping hands tight

Dancing with leaves in warm sunlight

The deserted time silently

Handing over the locks and keys to thy GOD

Ready to walk away slowly with empty pockets

And hesitantly promises not to appear

Again in the glasses but only in wishes

Painfully confesses to share

A strong cup of coffee full of love and care

GOD smiles and says come let us share.

1 comment:

  1. Like most mystic visions this one is both as clear as our intellect and as mysterious as our souls.


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