Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pen-Chant writes


   Farewell to ignorance bout
  send failure to every spin that
       welcomes it heartily
when you decide to give it confines
      territory in your heart
      a virus to you and me
    that disguises to be friendly
   but knowledge pursues it even
     in beyond see its pensive
   appearance when on high tree
   it converges all sort of atrocities
   that send harm in a little time
  which take great time to amend
need fight it anywhere anytime
    not to camp heavily in us
ignorance the products of anarchy
   street urchin and all its vices
  keeps sinking in deadly actions
     aggravate hatred to those
    refuse to dwell in its part
why do you embrace ignorance
    like money and fortune
     more than knowledge
    that shares free happiness
    in all great time you live
the controller of evil machineries
at the pinnacles to those welcome it             
     why can't it be defeated
  here and there then no more
yes yes. we need to bid it farewell
   behold it has been defeated
    in a long journey traverse
     on a multitude platform to
   instill happiness in our lives see
   it frowning its face over there
  ignorance bitter like the taste of
Alomo, sour like three days food,
  that gives you everlasting regret
   bid it farewell with your might
and join the company of knowledge
rejoice and float in the pace of
knowledge,  use it here and there
       not in a selfish attire
    share it which encircle
ignorance even in the lowest firm
     beloved the time is here
to forsake ignorance like a deadly
disease,  and embrace  knowledge
    cultivate love and respect
         in every second....


  1. Not having punctuation makes this a bit hard to read, especially since sentences often begin and end in mid-line. However, if you read it slowly I think its natural syntactical pattern will become fairly obvious and its wisdom sink in.

  2. Alomo Bitters is a herbal alcoholic beverage from Ghana, with alleged aphrodisiac/ bowel cleansing/pain relieving/menstrual cramp easing/anti-malarial qualities. It may be swallowed straight or mixed with juice or soft drink; in Nigeria it is often mixed with non-alcoholic beer.


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