Tuesday, August 11, 2015

MaNGOD writes

A collab Revamp by Madelyne Kleopat Figueroa & MaNGOD

I wanna serve you my poetry warm and delightful
So you can suck all the vocabulary out of me just to be spiteful
I wanna sit on your face value
So I can measure your worth
While you taste the drip of my rhyme scheme through my pencil skirt
I wanna cop a feel of your hard knock tenderness
While you bend me to your heel on some drop it low shit
I want to ride the fuck out your melody and bounce all on your rhythm
And let you RUN up in my DMC like brrrrr stick um uh uh uh stick um.

Articulate symptoms piquing My interest in exchanging spectacular vernacular, a poets' palaver, slather Your underscore with more of what cha lookin' for, slither up on Your metaphors in shades You can't ignore
Verbs meant to enthrall You, fall for The Word like Eve's chickadees were cursed to do, that spritz on Your sapiosexuall thirst, shaken not stirred playing Yahtzee with Your emotions
Loquacious giving You adjectives to assure My objective... A Me AND You conjunction and see how that function
Whisper soft enunciations in Your ear, plant tender adverbs on Your vocal chords, fluid like I Love You, then dictate til You start shedding tears boo and communicating with The LORD
Delineate between lust and love then put'em in the mix of poetry and Hip Hop as Our lips lock on dot, dot, dot, "Papi don't stop!"
I want to hear the adjectives flow when You open Your mouf and moan incoherent prose
My pleasure to have You squirtin' syllables, want to bury My seed deep inside You and have lots of lil bambino participles
I Love how You get aroused to the ink I stroke when I'm around You, Ooooh Mami the nouns and the pronouns You use to enhance the mood dripping off Your seeking tongue I'm ensconced in the verses You coo
"Ti quero Papi", bilingual, You got Me talking in Haiku, a thousand lines of calligraphy vibes both day and night about You, I puts it down in Ink for no other reason than to make You Immortal...

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  1. "You got me talking in Haiku, a thousand lines of calligraphy." This rap effectively combines poetic sensibility with gangsta cred and religious sensibility. It's easy to imagine David the Psalmist writing in like manner if he were around today.


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