Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Satya Pattnaik writes

It is now hard to search a world
To arrange the cards of my thoughts heartily for you
Pillars of ego are tall now
Collide with the heart very often
Tumorlike they grow inside
Puffing up vanity invariably with mind
Damaging the density of eternity
Brutish invaders are now in timeline
An absurd form and aggressive stance rules over
Impressing dirty words and cruel hearts they are marching ahead
Beasts are wise now
Collecting words under the street lamps
In brothels and wine cups
They are learning asceticism
Announcing code of conduct
For the waves of eternal silence
I am in pause now
In between time and timelessness
Everything is hard above my thoughts
Like old wooden furnuture
Wounds of time are black and deep still I am alive
Nothing now in my finger tips
Your eyes,your heart,your ears
All are devoid of my pure impulse
You are in the edge of decadence
Only a lump of flesh you are
Without heart only to fall and cut
You are
A continuous ruin of eggs and feathers,
A cruel history of mankind
I can't pronounce right now for you
A sky full of stars
Colours of rainbow and green doctrine of life.

1 comment:

  1. Like a lot of good poetry, Satya's is both seemingly simple to grasp and yet puzzling, in a tantalizing way, upon closer inspection.


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