Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Gene Baird writes

Another One Bites the Dust (part one)

SSG JONES: US Army Recruiter
SFC BARNES: Jones’ supervisor
SSG BROWN: Jones’ fellow recruiter
ERIC JOHNSON: civilian interested in US Army
PFC JOHNSON: Eric Johnson after one year of service in the army
CPT WRIGHT – PFC Johnson’s team leader
LTC MARINO – Battalion Commander
CHAPLAIN RODRIGUEZ – Army Chaplain assigned to Jones’ battalion
AMANDA SIMONE: civilian interested in US Army
PFC SIMONE: Amanda after two years of service in the army
MIKE JONES: SSG Jones’ brother
SSG CRONE: US Army Recruiter
CLERK: US Army admin clerk at in-processing center
SARA: NCO Academy secretary
1SG BAIRD: Deputy Commandant NCO Academy
CSM ROBINSON: Commandant NCO Academy
Scene I US Army recruiter in the mall arcade talking to prospects
Scene ii Multiple images of recruiter being successful after lying or oversimplifying the truth, and his fellow recruiters celebrating his successes with him are depicted back to back.
 Scene iii Protagonist gets word that one of his recruits died in combat. Another prospect is sitting in front of him, the recruiter, and needs convincing in order to join
Scene iv Recruiter at dead soldier’s house.
Scene v Party at the end of protagonist’s tour as a recruiter
Scene vi At home on leave, protagonist’s brother is on verge of joining army, his recruiter is at home, protagonist walks in to see and hear interview.
Scene vii preview of SSG Jones’ new choices and successes after being faces with the truth regarding his lying
Logline: The Truth is a story about an Army recruiter who learns that success alters a soldier until the alteration and its being potentially wrong are realized, beginning in the cold winter in hustling, bustling New York City but moving to the always raining state of Washington during the Iraq Wars.

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