Thursday, August 13, 2015

Anahit Arustamyan writes


Sail my dreams, sail to come back again! Your roofs are on my brain. Your roots are in my heart's shell. You might whisper something vain. You have taught me to fail. My violin will sound in your rain. There might be something to gain. What are these holes doing all over my pail? Sail to bring the seas through your mail! Stamp your envelope with a blue stain. Sail my dreams to bring me something vain!


  1. Although Anahit works hard to camouflage the rhyming nature of her poem, one can easily see the following, very sophisticated, pattern:
    in which the two rhyme sounds (A and B) follow an evolving pattern in the course of which it reverses itself, followed by a couplet.

  2. This beautiful poem is full of optimism. The poet believes in his dreams, irrespective of whether it brings him bunch of failures before successes. He doesn't mind the wait. He doesn't mind the vain trials. He knows what the future holds. He knows what he got inside of him. Cheap failures only motivates him. He can see himself smiling at the end of the storm.

    I love this poem.


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