Sunday, August 23, 2015

Marie Conniffe shoots and writes


Thoughts of primroses
And lost walks home
Bring it all back now
To when the sun shone

And lazy connections
Of imaginings true
Engage with the dawnings
Of dreamings of you

It'll never pass over
It'll never be removed
To know what I've seen
And to see what I knew

Foreverendings surround
Make a fist to the sky
Make a fist to the sky
And lovers eternally
Dancing by...



  1. "Imaginings true," indeed. For the primrose is neither a rose nor particularly prim. And though its name is derived from the medieval Latin "prima rosa" (first rose), it is not even necessarily the earliest spring plant to flower. Its other Latin name, its scientific nomenclature, is Primula vulgaris -- prime (first) "common" (non aristocratic). With all this falseness and posturing, it is fitting that it was the favorite flower of Benjamin Disraeli, the commoner who was created Earl of Beaconsfield by Queen Victoria, even though he had never lived in the town. I say "fitting" because Disreali was both a novelist and politician....


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