Sunday, August 23, 2015

Steven Jacobson writes

Ocean’s Alive

the emerald sea washes against the jagged
rocks in continuous attempts. crashing and
displaying a mighty show of force while
polishing and smoothing the craggy shoreline.
the air tastes of saltiness and the sea gulls
rampage the sky, circling around for morsels
of food. the golden fiery orb bears down,
while a gentle breeze offers a reprieve from the heat.
a myriad of sunken footprints cover the beach,
littered with sea shells and small crabs while
the tide is ebbed. life is measured and realized
to be precious and worthy of special regard.                                 

1 comment:

  1. Steven presents a verbal photograph. But, not being confined to visual imagery, he's also able to cater to other senses as well -- hearing (the crash of the waves), touch (the feel of the heat and the breeze), the taste of the salty air. And, also unlike a picture, he is also able to provide a philosophical conclusion concerning moral worth.


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