Saturday, August 22, 2015

Jeremy Toombs writes

So, So Many

So, so many
Here’s one: my mother, six years old
standing on a stool
to make biscuits for her daddy
back before they came in cans.
Since then, she’s still working.

solo flying in Germany, Kentucky/Tennessee
following the highway in a Cesna
watching out for that military airspace.
In this story, I can see, I can remember even
the same fields. I can see them better
than I can from my 737 seat eastbound
tryin’ to make out the Mississippi.
Goin’ home
and lookin’ forward to biscuits for breakfast.

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  1. So, So Few

    Jeremy's a travelin' man. Four continents at least. With lotsa good stories to share.
    These are from his folks.


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