Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Shambie Mpho writes


In case you see Nanga
Whenever you see Nanga
Wherever you see her
If ever you see her
Tell Nanga iam still waiting
Tell her to come back home
Say her return is inevitable
Say the past is forgotten
Tell her i see her face
Tell her...her voice still serenades
Tell her...her words still entice
Tell her she's my seductress
Tell her i hear her laughter
Say her scent still lingers
Say the wounds take time to heal
Say her faults are now minor
In case you see Nanga
Tell her i still love her...

In case you see Nanga
Whenever you see Nanga
Wherever you see her
If ever you see her
Could be now or never
Say it's fine she left me
But ask Nanga to invade my sleep again
To bring back the sweetness in my dreams
Only this once my Nanga
So life could be heavenly again
Tell Nanga to blow me a love-bubble
And i'll catch it in the wind
Say her sins are forgiven
For leaving me in the rain
Tell her i went looking for an oasis
In the middle of the desert
So we could make a home
And i found the master keys
That open into our future
And now iam back home
After clearing the way for us
I've been searching everywhere for Nanga
To reclaim my stolen heart
Only to find her gone
Slipping away from my grip
But tell her iam not angry
Tell her i can't hate
Please tell Nanga love is power...

In case you see Nanga
If ever you see Nanga
Could be now or never
Tell her pride is relinquished
Say true love takes over
Tell her of my burning desire
Say i want to walk again
But the steps are heavy alone
Say the past is buried alive
Say her face haunts like a ghost's
Just in case you see Nanga
If ever you see Nanga
Whenever you see her
Wherever you see her
Could be now or never
Tell Nanga not to hurt me again...


  1. A nanga is a privileged, cultured, rich, fashionable girl in African or African-American society. Perhaps the name is derived from a Zimbabwean sorcerer or herbalist? Or from an African harp? To make merry on the occasion of a death is colloquially referred to as performing the nanga on the grave.

    1. Lol...yep the name is xhosa,but in full its Nangomso roughly meaning tomorrow again!..its a lament of a broken man wishing to regain his lost love!Thanks a million again Duane!much appreciated!

  2. Wow this poem tells the story of heartbreak in the most lovely and emotional way. His love is gone but he holds no grudge against her. His only wish is to see her again.

    This is artistic piece, buried in cornucopia of metaphors. Bravo poet

    1. Thanks a million my compatriot!indeed its a heartfelt and profound lament to the lost love...and i thank you Alves for your view...much respect and appreciation to you!


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