Friday, May 17, 2019

Umar Yogiza Jr writes & shoots

strangulating enchantment

this trembling gate is a home
veil of vaporized smiles
clouding the rummy paths
rigid across many ancient meditations
astringent convoy of rendezvous
the trembling gate
of free prisoners
open into the past
looking for a floating destination

this home is the fabric our smile cannot weave
each thread is a thorn
that foresees the face of evidence
reality bites here like mosquitoes
dreams filled with passion
dried up with each bite

home here is the dying fire
of mortified memories
of smart goats 
riding king lion
to the battle of fasting and prayers

home here is the clacking desires
declaimer of misery
of the skyward soulless hands
bounded but loose like
a discarded sacrifice

home here is the destruction within safety
hunger in the womb
clacking clacking looking
all i see are untreated farms of sorrows
harvests of poverty
markets of mischief and greed, trading
controlled by the destruction 
of the aggravators
souls subjugated to malversation
of lost glories
frightened by cunning warriors
mistaking tears for wine

what a strangulating enchantment
clacking souls

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