Saturday, May 11, 2019

Rp Verlaine writes

Knaves or Angels 

Love's a ruffian seeking its pleasure 

its contrast of joys to devilish pain 

giving false hope while snaring its measure 

unbridled it leaves and returns untamed. 

A knave is love who plays a dirty deal 

with less than a glance or touch it blindfolds 

long enough to find a heart to steal 

then scampers gone unseen as winter's cold. 

Yet loves an angel, not a brute at all 

its wings the sweet trapeze that lovers fly 

till brought back down to earth without a fall. 

Knaves and angels, playing their parts too well 

as to which am I - I truly can't tell. 

Image result for trapeze paintings
Trapeze -- Andrew  McMorrine

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