Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Aabha Rosy Vatsa writes


The astral alignment was not a mirage
It was an event executed by the heavens
The encounter was not  a virtual fling
But one of warm breaths and spell binding gazes

The memories carved were passionate and intense
Destinies locked and interwoven
A bond mightier than the tangled web woven by enemies
A love greater than daunting mountains

Most emotions are woven in shades of grey
But this was a love crimson and passionate
Burning with tongues of fire
Passions that blazed through lifetimes

You bathed me in rainbow colors
Each one of the seven colors an amorous gift
Nurturing the bond through the breezy zephyr
A testimony of that staggering and glorious encounter

For it was a love meant to be
A union meant to be
Manoeuvering treachery and mazes
Till Eternity and beyond

Laüra Hollick -- Stephanie Pehar

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