Saturday, May 25, 2019

Rp Verlaine writes

A Kiss 

The parting gift you gave of your sweet lips 
after our walk by flowers in full bloom 
Spring's magic touched us both and then a kiss 
on mouth then neck you gave this afternoon 
I'm now unsure of its meaning or intent. 
Was it designed to wrap in mystery 
endearments to come or simply invent 
fantastic thoughts born of base vanity?
Worse, was it nothing but a sweet goodbye
or a pass you knew I could not ignore?
Such is my state to wonder if and why
an innocent parting seems so much more 
till a song comes to mind to tell me this 
till otherwise a kiss is just a kiss. 

GOODBYE KISS: acrylic on canvas (2018)
Goodbye Kiss -- Raina Liwen Yang 

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