Friday, May 31, 2019

James Babbs writes

Ready or Not

I’m not ready
for my hair to go gray
wasn’t it only yesterday
I was an awkward teenager
too shy to talk to girls and
learning how to drive a car
graduating from high school
messing around in college
for a couple of years
just trying to find my way
it wasn’t that long ago and
I remember
how I wanted to write a novel
by the time I was thirty
what happened to all those days
it seems kind of strange
when I look into the mirror and
see my father’s face
how long has it been
since he passed away
come over here and
look into my eyes and
I swear
you’ll still see the boy I was
the same boy
I still feel like I am
he’s still in here and
I can hear him laughing
for no reason at all
he’s still in here and
he’s waiting for something
I think there’s still
something he wants
Mirror Paintings Man In The Mirror Painting Suzanne Marie Leclair
Man In The Mirror -- Suzanne Marie Leclair

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