Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Dan Cardoza writes

You Said

You Said: for Godz sake 
why do you always place your 
face into the wind; facing North at that?

Can't you stay safe, find harbor, 
switch to auto pilot if just for now? 
Float down stream?

You bloodied your knuckles you 
You challenge 
You hate stasis 
What the hell is up? You said.

You said: 
You scare me, your 
tongue is a faceted diamond, 
it reflects & inhales the words of Godz; so selfish.

When you turn & walk away you cripple me 
& I miss you before you leave the room. You said.

I hate you for steeling me from 
Image result for diamond mouth tongue paintings
Blood Diamond -- Peter  Perlegas

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