Friday, May 24, 2019

Arlene Corwin writes


Trust comes to mind each day,
Each circumstance, the balance and the nuisance   
Underlying all arrangements, all relations,
Almost every situation.
Doubt, mistrust, dis-, and the chain that it creates;
Wary, weary, chary of… and hesitation.
We all live with that each day.

When we do what someone says -
Are glad to, willing to; when trust is there
It’s fun, it’s cheap.
It doesn’t mean that we are sheep,
For trust is deeper than you’d think.

Relationships succeed, are mostly all you need
When innocence, backed up, not by blind faith’s naiveté, 
But grasp, perhaps a mastery,
Experiential education, a bit of expectation.
They are almost all you need.

We have it in the infant stage; 
Trust in every chromosome and every 20,000 genes;
Then altered at an age
Where many ways can oil it, 
Many ways can also spoil it.
Ousted - gone to dust.

A task, a role, a duty, gift.
We’ve daily got to sift 
Through so much trendiness and pretence.
Nonetheless, it is essential 
If we’re to have a ‘Happy Hour’ every hour.
Nothing’s worse than mis-belief,
Mistrust a thief without relief.

To learn the craft (without the craftiness) 
Of placing trust, you earn the laughter, 
Must be happier and more jocose
Than most. 
A toast to trust.
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The Toast --  Stan Prokopenko

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