Tuesday, May 14, 2019

SchiZ (Lee-Ann Azzopardi) writes

Sunday Morning Walk

The late morning lit up with blue skies
As the scent of a campfire clouded the air
We walked along the path noticing a woodpecker
Fighting a telephone pole for a morsel of food
The robins frantically searched
For their breakfast of worms underneath a tree
the shadowy prospects of finding any were impossible
Though they kept hunting
"They are the true indication of spring" I said
As we walked on
The cool, northeastern wind blew
And went through our t-shirts
We arrived at our cabin
With the warmth of our hot chocolates in hand
We took a relaxing breath
And watched the rest of the day seep by
Until we fell asleep in front of the window
Image result for in the woods paintings
Lovers in the Woods -- Arthur Bowen Davies

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