Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Arlene Corwin writes

Hold (to) Your Distance

Anger issues? Hold your distance.
Politics and global views? Hold your distance.
Be detached from family splits. It's essential.
Thoughts that bind you,
Winding round and wangling,
Strangling in the long run.
There’s one sun, one group of laws,
Cause and effect, effects and cause…
An endless chain.
Your YOU, the bad, the good, the weak, the strong,
The right, the wrong -
It all goes with this global bag.
Hold to the thing you are.
You are a star.

Long-sighted, not short-sighted
It’s the harder but the truer road
That in the long run takes the load
Of worry, hurry, off your shoulders.
Things come together, fall apart.
That law is at the heart of things:
Bodies, countries, all machines.
Entropy: you don’t know when, you don’t know how.
Later or right now, and so,

Create a mental distance and hold on to it.
It is your long-run saviour.
Be detached, reduce desire.
Keep resistance to the distance at its lowest.
You are YOU and no one like.
Strike down the worst, foster the best,
And be detached from all that happens,
Which regard for, generates un-happiness. 
Image result for hard road paintings
Old Boabab Guarding the Roadside -- Ian du Plessis

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