Monday, May 20, 2019

John Grochalski writes

cracks on the sidewalk

in america
there is money for endless war

money to put immigrants in detention forever
and keep kids in cages

money rolling over money rolling
from sea to shining sea
in the hands of greedy pigs

money flying over broken neighborhoods
at thirty-thousand feet

a gilded carbon imprint

money for alarms
for gated communities
so they don’t have to deal with the peasants

dark money to be made off of elections
lobbying dollars suffocating the constitution

money to keep nutbags
up to their stomachs in firearms and fat

but where’s the motherfucking coin
to fix this crack on the sidewalk?

the one that cost me ten bucks
when i tripped over it
and dropped my bottle of wine?

its blood-red bounty
swirling right into the sewer
and gone forever

where’s the money for that america?

because it sure as fuck
isn’t sitting here in my wallet.
Image result for fat gunman paintings 
Fat Tony -- Matt Groening

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  1. Fat Tony is a gangster on the animated TV series "The Simpsons." He 1st appeared on 10 October 1991, in the show's 3rd season, in an episode ("Bart the Murderer") written by John Swartzwelder, a libertarian gun rights advocate. In "Donnie Fatso," in the 22nd year of the series (12 December 2010), written by Chris Cluess, the mobster suffered a fatal heart attack and was succeeded by his cousin Fit Tony; however, the stress of the job caused him to eat excessively and he became Fit Fat tony and then a new Fat Tony. The character has mostly been voiced by Joe Mantegna, a firearms enthusiast who also hosts "Gun Stories" on the Outdoor Channel.


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