Friday, May 31, 2019

Paula Hackett writes

Teddy's L.A. After Dark
Come to life
On this changing scene
Here's your part
Live your wildest dreams
Night arrives
just to celebrate
It happens here
in L.A.
After dark

From the beach 
to the mountainside 
L.A. streets 
take you for a ride 
Central Avenue 
It happens here 
in L.A. 
After dark 

Daylight steps aside and
Lets the city lights start to glow 
Play out your part as the night 
Puts on a show 

Happy now 
See the dawn arise 
Just for you 
Cross the morning skies 
Don't forget 
Night will soon return 
It's here for you 
in L.A. 
After dark
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Central Ave. Saxophone Market

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  1. Central Avenue is a major north-south thoroughfare in the central portion of the Los Angeles, California, running through the Carson, Compton, and South Los Angeles (including Watts, Florence-Graham, and Willowbrook) neighborhoods.
    The covenenant line along Washington Boulevard demarcated where African Americans were allowed to live in Los Angeles, so visiting musical stars usually stayed at the Dunbar Hotel. Thus, the Central Avenue Corridor became the center of Black entertainment, especially from ca. 1920 to 1955. Local luminaries included Eric Dolphy, Art Pepper, Chico Hamilton, and Charles Mingus, but the careers of many others such as Benny Carter, Buddy Collette, Dexter Gordon, Lionel Hampton (author of the song "Central Avenue Breakdown"), Hampton Hawes, Big Jay McNeely, Johnny Otis, Shifty Henry, Gerald Wilson, Anthony Ortega, Onzy Matthews, and Teddy Wilson were closely connected to the area. The Dunbar's Club Alabam became the main jazz venue, but the Downbeat and the Last Word were nearby, and the Moorish revival-style Lincoln Theater featured live theater, musical acts, talent shows, vaudeville, and motion pictures. Leon Heflin's "Cavalcade of Jazz" was the 1st large outdoor jazz entertainment festival and showcased over 125 acts from 1945-1958, beginning with Count Basie and Big Joe Turner. Since 1996 the entirely noncommercial Central Avenue Jazz Festival has been held there.


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