Saturday, May 11, 2019

Linda Imbler writes

Gray to Black

For our iron colored majestic brothers,
for the safety of their alabaster tusks,
we beseech you, all whose trophies
are carved and displayed
by others as idols, 
by others for sweet music,
hallowed tones made imperceptible by dirges
sung by gentle creatures, 
slaughtered for the benefit of indifferent industry,
pawns deemed unworthy of even the simplest pretense of hatred.

While the devil underwrites your cruel tools, 
engines of eradication,
as the very last titan’s eye goes milky to mirror his tooth, 
he will call out for peace,
carry your denied confession with him,
away from you for your sake.
For that is the truth of love.
Image result for elephant tusk paintingsTwo Elephants Greet by Entwining Trunks -- Melinda Moore

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