Monday, April 22, 2019

Shanti Harjani Williams writes, Carl Scharwath shoots

If you would cry
If you would flood the river bank with your sun-dried tears I would choke back my own  For to witness the workings of your words
Shall leave me scarcely rooted
As my love is sometimes
When uprooted by my slim pickings of yours
But to behold your tears
If you should ever have them
To see them fall everywhere
As the sun falls around a shady tree
And takes to the day with its sun drenched kisses
If you should cry for me
I should let the ashen dew become the mist over my eyes
I should fall in love with the stars at night
I would become like a thief in the overgrown woods
Stealing the drops that accumulate in the full grown moss
Wiping my eyes with the leaves that grow densely
In an overpopulated paradise
If you should cry for me
I would dry your tears with mine eyes.
 -- Carl Scharwath

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