Thursday, April 18, 2019

Caleb Ugbo writes

My Little Seamstress

The burnt in a flame, you'll find on your own
But to stitch without needles I'll teach you
Every woman is a seamstress
With piece of her heart to mend
But only a few have a needle at hand
When the moon recites a poem for the night, you will learn to fall in love
Your heart you'll give to strangers
....and if you ever find it, in smithereens it shall be
I'll teach you to stitch a broken heart
For every woman is a prey to love's bait and none escape her claws without a heart in shred
When you're left alone, sitting in the dark,
With tears, you'll quietly stitch the cracks of your heart
....and when you wonder why its shape and size differs
Know that fragments of a broken heart are forever lost
Related image
La Dentelliere (The Lacemaker) -- Johannes Vermeer

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