Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Satchid Anandan writes


The knife is stuck deep
in the soil, on the green tree,
on a woman’s  chest
The one who made it does not see it
His job is done once it has been made.
Image result for knife maker paintings 
Knife Angel -- Alfie Bradley

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  1. When Bradley was a resident sculptor at the British Ironwork Centre he persuaded his employer to donate collection bins to 43 police departments as part of his "Save a Life, Surrender Your Knife" campaign. He then spent 1 1/2 years cleaning the 100,000 knives that had been collected, dulling their blades, sorting each weapon by size and color, and assembling them into a 27-ft statue. However, the hardest part of creating the Knife Angel, he said, was "was hand engraving personal messages on each feather on the back of the angel’s wings from affected people and families, and seeing them become overwhelmed with emotion once seeing the angel.”


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