Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Amartya Pattanayak writes

Deeper, shallow carcass breath
Smothering this exuberance
With an empty kiss of harrowing nothingness.

This body is a nest of exoneration.[soul]
Climbers chiselling their way from the inside,
Cutting away this mosaic shrine
Offering a part for a whole.
[To the belief]

My shoulder blades dangling in thin air,
Air stuffed with fractured cotton balls.
The satirical world smirks under my wrinkles,
As I see ghost of a time, unknown.
The pale white figure sticking to my mirror
As I curl up in my bed in fear.
Fear of dying again, at night 
Boy And Girl Kissing Canvas Print - The Vacant Kiss by Terri Thompson
The Vacant Kiss -- Terri Thompson

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