Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Charles Brumfield writes

There’s a door marked never more
Through which so many have passed before
I know it’s there, it’s haunting me
I close my eyes so as not to see
But when I open, it’s back again
And I know in the end it will win.

I’ve been afraid, I cry at night
Although I know the door is right
That life must be a changing thing.
What new experience will that door bring?
Time will tell, but this I know
Never more seems so long ago.

I’m ready now, the door stands waiting
Impatient with my hesitating.
The struggle over, I give up quietly
My head erect, I walk through brightly.
But I glance behind as I hear the door
Slam shut on my love forevermore.
The Open Door --  Andrei Zadorine

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