Friday, April 19, 2019

Rupert Loydell writes


Eucalytpus bark scrolls in the wind

as early footballers call to each other
in the park, hoping it won't rain.

My daughter's friend lives in
a different world from ours;
he is flying to there now.

Lots of silences live in my head
but can't find their way out.
Change yes change; change we must.

I am almost in a good mood
but here comes the rain
and dreams of somewhere else.

When crisis comes along
something in my brain shuts down
and it is hard to embrace life;

when tomorrow comes along
I always worry about next week.
Change yes change; change we must.

I am only human but not like you.
Future ghosts and old memories
conspire to make me doubt;

I can't find out how to work
with sorry or make-do. Untime me,
the now is still too near.

 Albert Gleizes, 1912-13, Les Joueurs de football (Football Players), oil on canvas, 225.4 x 183 cm, National Gallery of Art.jpg
 Les Joueurs de football -- Albert Gleizes

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