Thursday, April 25, 2019

Arti Rai writes

Some rivers

Some rivers never meet the ocean
despite their twirly move downwards
from the peak of the lofty cliffs.
They lose the momentum.
Some rivers slack in the lap of plains
as Krishna resting over Radha's bosom,
as some village girl
loving her only suitor.
Some rivers  never leave their primitive sites
as the little stream
decorating the edges of the tiny village.
Some flow without murmur
under the sun and the moon
along the ridges and through the slits
of mountains low and high.
Some rivers die before their demise
before meeting the eternal love
The Ocean!
Image result for krishna radha paintings
Radha and Krishna -- Vekkas Mahalley

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  1. Krishna ("dark as a cloud”) was the son of Devaki, the sister of king Kamsa of Mathura (in modern Uttar Pradesh). Due to a prophecy that he would be destroyed by Devaki’s child, Kamsa tried to slay her children, but Krishna was smuggled across the Yamuna river to Gokula (or Vraja, modern Gokul), where he was raised by cowherds. He became renowned as a lover, and the sound of his flute caused the gopis (the wives and daughters of the cowherds) to leave their homes to dance ecstatically with him in the moonlight. His favorite among them was the beautiful Radha, who was married to a wool merchant Ayan Ghosh. Due to his many absences, she was left in the care of his mother and sisters, who beat and belittled her. They informed her husband of her illicit romance and sent him to confront the lovers. But Krishna took the form of Kali, and all Ghosh saw was his innocent wife worshiping his family deity. But eventually Krishna set aside his flute and returned to Mathura to slay his uncle. Radha confessed to her husband, but he refused to banish her and remarry. Instead, he transferred his mother and sisters to another village. As an old woman she traveled to Dwarka ("gateway to Heaven"), the 1st capital of Gujarat, which Krishna had created after killing Kansa, and became one of his servants. As she was dying, Krishna appeared before her and she persuaded him to play his flute for her again. The 2 lovers merged their spirits and Krishna broke the flute and threw it away.


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