Monday, April 15, 2019

Kevin M. Hibshman writes

erica and i are alone together
she is reading as she always is
picking up some strange information to maybe use later?
i put the clothes into the washing machine and now it's nine o'clock
cloudy and overcast saturday with the music blaring and no one left to care
i travel backwards to more distracting times
my undocumented successes and well-celebrated failures dance as smoke rings over my head
i try to remember friends as i would have liked them to be
we would lose hours talking shit and feeling vaguely free
laying plans from now until eternity
i wrote so many dreams only i would ever see fall
never attempt to catch me
erica and i speak infrequently
we played corn hole (that backyard bean bag game) and william read her cards once
i loved it secretly when i asked her about dating and she replied: "i hate everybody."
erica and i are alone together
she in her room
me in mine
we will kill the hours
we will think about a time before time
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Together Alone -- Anil Lakhera

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