Sunday, April 21, 2019

Robert Lee Haycock writes and shoots


In her eyes
A landscape that I love
That loved me for so many years
So many years ago
I am ten years old again
And again we are going
To a rodeo
To a revival
To play piano in church
To say goodbye to Papa

funeral march -- Robert Lee Haycock

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  1. In 1922, in "Cosmogenesis," Pierre Teilhard de Chardin coined the word "noösphere" (mind sphere) in lexical analogy to "atmosphere," "biosphere," and similar concepts. It is the sphere of thought that surrounds the earth that evolved due to the growth in the complexity of human consciousness which accounts for social phenomena such as legal, educational, religious, research, industrial, and technological systems. It emerges through, and is constituted by, the interaction of human minds and grows in parallel with the organization of the human mass. He argued that the noösphere is evolving towards greater personalization, individuation, and unification of its elements. As a Jesuit, he regarded the Christian notion of love as being its the principal driver, culminating in the "Omega Point" (the apex of thought/consciousness) which he identified with the return of Christ.


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