Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Raja Chakraborty writes

The Man Who Sold Rainbows :

He was selling rainbows
Below the almond tree
Blue skies and snowflakes
And raindrops for free
Singing rivers and moons
And forests where fairies live
Let me tell you a secret
Were hidden in his sleeve
He sold silver clouds and
Winds that danced and played
Heaps of such goodies
In his magic basket lay
Gold stars and sunshine
And waves from faraway sea
You can buy at a pittance
If one could only see
The man of many shadows
That came alone in night
When eyes are tightly shut
And there is no light
So keep dreaming my friend
You may meet him some day
The man who sold rainbows
Who knows .. who can say
Image result for seller of dreams paintings
Seller of Dreams -- Yury Smirnov

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