Saturday, April 27, 2019

Anoucheka Gangabissoon writes


Clouds tease me with their games of appearance altering
They turn from being cute teddy bears
To being candy floss
To being the exact replica of Love!

They look at me with teasing eyes
With an alter ego
With a cute authority
With possessiveness
With enough jolts
As to have me turn into waterfalls
Raging and destructive
Ready to invade the whole river beds of the world!

Pray, Clouds tease me
And to douse me
They turn into rain
Drenching me in their essence
Wanting me to quench my thirst
With their waters!

But the blue skies give way to the night
And the stars that fill it up
Seem to tease me too
Come, they twinkle
We shall lead you to Love,
Even if your temper is bold,
Capricious and stubborn
We shall lead you to him,
However, you shall have to open your mouth
And tell him
Of that which weighs in your heart!

Why, is this the state of love?
Whispered my thundering heart
The skies themselves seem amused
At my plight
Pray, sleep, laden with its dreams
Remains as mischievous as the skies
Wanting solely to
Tease me
With enough potency
As to have me blushing
Crimson red
In their mysterious power! 
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